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So many delights on this day. Collected my sister from the airport at lunch time, and in the rain and gloom we made our way to a cafe on the sands for a yummy late lunch. Then later we braved the continuing rain to head to Wellington’s indoor arena, along with about 3000 other people, to enjoy a show certain to wow us. 60,000 people are expected to see the show over the next few weeks. But it was the opening night, the first in three years, and there was much happy anticipation in the air.

WOW, or the World of Wearable Arts, is an amazing show of performance, lighting, music, and most importantly and best of all, the most amazing works of art that are wearable by living, moving, dancing, models. It isn’t fashion. Far from it. Click here and you will see. It is art.

We had poor seats, not quite in the back row, but almost (due to booking late) – though on arrival we were pleased to see that we were closer than we expected. But we thought ahead, and took two pairs of binoculars with us. One that was a tiny pair had, we think, been a corporate gifts back in the days when we used to receive them. The second were my father-in-law’s binoculars. I don’t know if he ever used them, but they were perfect. We saw the show unfold in front of us, then through the binoculars, we were able to pick out details of the pieces, to discover what pieces were made of (one had a cape that was made out of bicycle helmets), and to fully appreciate the artistry of each entry.

Choreographed to the last detail, there were frequent gasps and laughs of delight during the show. We left with smiles on our faces. Delighted, indeed.


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