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Hot tea

Yes, the little things are delights too. We didn’t get the snow that was forecast – we’re about 30 or so metres too low in my suburb – but it was freezing* all day. In fact, it was one of the coldest days of our entire winter. Our central heating managed to cope, but I did wear three layers all day, and the Husband walked around wearing fingerless gloves and a hat, not that he really needed to, but because it was cosy. We were doing a fasting day, so there was no breakfast or lunch, but cups of hot tea kept me warm, and feeling nourished. Green tea, a herbal superfruit tea, and chamomile tea throughout the day perked me up periodically. And by the evening, the temperature was going up.

* “Freezing” in Wellington means the temperature was generally under six degrees C, with a “feels like” temperature at times dipping under zero.


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