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Since COVID got loose in New Zealand (just over a year ago), and we started wearing masks everywhere, shopping has been something I’ve only really done when strictly necessary. I don’t enjoy browsing if I’m wearing a mask – my glasses fog up, I get hot, and it is just unpleasant. But today I had researched a favourite clothes store’s online site, knew what I wanted to look at, and chose a time when most people were at work. (In general, I don’t buy online unless I have tried on in person. Call me old-fashioned, but it is so hard to see what is flattering online, with varying cuts and weird sizing!)

So I was the only customer in the store for most of the time. Which meant I went mask free. Whilst the shopping itself wasn’t necessarily very successful, I had a lovely time without feeling rushed, and really feel I went through everything available. One piece is calling to me, so I might return tomorrow afternoon and hope it is still there.


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