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Multiple delights in a day (or two)

Yesterday I went for another movie with my husband, and wanted to include that in my delights. Now that I am passed a certain age, I actually get cheaper tickets, so that is an unexpected delight! I may not like being older, but a discount is always good. I have to wait another five years for most discounts or any payments, so I’ll take a few dollars off my movie ticket with gratitude!

The movie was The Woman King. It was excellent, better because it was based on historical facts around the Dahomey and the Agojie that I now want to learn more about. With Viola Davis in the lead role, you just know it was well acted too.

Though the real delight today so far has been meeting a friend for coffee at a favourite Italian cafe/deli. We haven’t seen each other in a while, and so our allotted 90 minutes just raced by. It’s good to be left with more to say – we’ll have to catch up again soon. And when it is topped off with excellent coffee, being able to pick up a few Italian deli ingredients, and a drive home beside a beautiful teal-blue sea, it was a delightful morning.


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