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Three victories

It was another great evening for New Zealand sport, and we were glued to the screen as a result. The New Zealand women’s rugby team, the Black Ferns, won a nail-biter against the French team, who has won the last four or five games against us in recent years. It was exciting, fast, skilful, in front of a packed stadium. Women’s rugby has come of age. And it means they get through to the Rugby World Cup final, against England.

Then the New Zealand cricket team won a place in the semi-final of the T20 World Cup. Again, we’re not used to winning cricket, or to watching it. The T20 format is over in a couple of hours, and can be quite exciting, so we’re enjoying that. It’ll probably be another four years before I watch it again!

Finally, we got up so early that I think it still qualifies as the same evening, to watch the All Blacks play Wales. After last week’s dismal performance, there was much talk about how bad the team is this year, but they played their top players, and the team performed well to thrash Wales, and score over 50 points against them.

For a little country like New Zealand, three national wins in 12 hours is pretty good!


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