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Vibrant blooms

I’m a dreadful gardener. I love flowers and bushes and trees, and the tui and kereru who enjoy our garden, but I do not have a green thumb, and I have no interest in digging in the soil myself. Whilst we are surrounded by trees, we don’t have much that is brightly coloured. Which is why I appreciate this little plant in a pot just outside our kitchen/dining windows. It flowers multiple times a year (our winters aren’t cold enough to kill it off), it seems to love rain, and it tolerates the ridiculous winds we get. It thrives with neglect, although to be fair we’re better about watering it in the summer when it gets dry. And its flowers make me happy.

3 Replies to “Vibrant blooms”

  1. Oh, beautiful! I am not much of a gardener either (when I had a lawn & flower beds, anyway)… it’s a LOT of work, and I found that then we’d go away for a few weeks and everything would be dead and crawling with weeds when we got back. So I never put a whole lot of effort into it. We kept the grass cut and I’d pull weeds every few weeks during the summer, so it was neat and presentable, albeit never a showplace. But I certainly appreciated seeing what other people did!

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