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Challenge met

Every year for the last eleven years I have set myself a reading challenge (a specific number of books) on Goodreads. I love Goodreads, not for the book reviews (though I appreciate those from a certain group of friends only who share my reading tastes and sometimes challenge me), but for the record it provides me of my own reading. I try to set myself a reasonable reading challenge, but even then I’ve only achieved or exceeded my target five times! This year, though, I reached my original target of 25 books in about June or July, and so I knew I needed to increase it. So I did, to 40. And this month I’ve achieved that. In fact, I’ve already exceeded it, as I read a trilogy in the middle of the year that I realise I have forgotten to record. I’m quite pleased with that.

My reading this year has been eclectic to say the least. It has included fiction and non-fiction, short stories and novels, Booker Prize winners and popular trash. I’ve read science fiction and fantasy, a psychology book, biographies and autobiographies of an Auschwitz hero, a politician, a sports star, a refugee, a scientist, and an actor, best sellers, romance, mysteries, crime fiction, historical novels and futuristic tales. I’ve read local novels and autobiographies, and books from all over the world, written in English, or translated from its original language. (I wish my language skills were sufficient to be able to read the original texts.) Almost all my books have been ebooks, and almost all have been free from our local library. That in itself is an absolute delight.


3 Replies to “Challenge met”

  1. Yay! I also just recently met my Goodreads goal for this year (45 books). I don’t think I’m going to reach the 59 books I read last year, although I should still be able to get through a few more before the end of December — but still, not too shabby!


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