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A chat with friends

It started during the pandemic. We all had time on our hands, and needed connection, and we got together for a zoom call. We made it a regular, monthly thing, and now, once a month, I get up on a Sunday call and put my face on, to chat with friends across the oceans. I like it best this time of year, when they are no longer saving daylight, but we are, and our zoom is at the more civilised time of 11 am (although this morning I had got up at 5.30 am to watch a rugby game, only to settle in and discover – this is the opposite of a delight – that it wasn’t going to start till 6.30 am! ). Regardless of whether I have to get up early on a cold winter Sunday morning, or can sleep in and slide in to a call later in the morning, chatting with these women, whose voices and wisdom I have known for years now but have only just become accustomed to their tone, mannerisms, accents and cadence, is a once-a-month delight.


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