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Binge-watching and laundry

There are some chores I really don’t like doing. Vacuuming the house, for one. But there are some I don’t mind doing, as long as I have something to engage my brain. Years ago, I taught myself Spanish for a year, listening to a language course while I was folding and ironing the laundry. I should do that again, but in these days of streaming services, I iron and fold and even rearrange some of the furniture, as I binge-watch. It makes me feel as if I’m being productive, working through a backlog of laundry, even as I’m enjoying a new series, new characters, ideas, environments.


3 Replies to “Binge-watching and laundry”

  1. I don’t mind doing laundry these days — our washer & dryer here in our condo are stacked in a closet just off the kitchen. I take the laundry out of the dryer, take a few steps and then stand at the counter to fold it all while watching TV. No more lugging baskets up & down stairs into a cold, damp, dark basement!!


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