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A day among the vines

We headed over the hill today, to the local wine region that feels as if it should be much further away. In little more than an hour, if I don’t count the stop we made to have a coffee on the way, we were in a winery trying some delicious wines. It has some time since I did a tasting, and I enjoyed the fact that we didn’t rush it, we savoured the wine and chatted and took our time. After two wineries, it was time for lunch. We found a place I’d heard about but never visited. What a treat it was! A delicious, specialist platter for three, with pork belly and a pineapple chutney, an artichoke with chorizo, brie, hummus, olives, tapenade, edamame, fresh bread, crackers, rare venison with a salsa verde, a tiny triangle of frittata, roast kumara and a fresh tomato sauce, marinated mushrooms, and beetroot cured salmon, and I’m sure to have forgotten something! All with a yummy dry riesling. And after another tasting, we headed back over the hill.


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