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Shopping and Dinner

I’m a bad Christmas shopper. Actually, I’m quite good, but I’m bad because I often buy more stuff for me when I go shopping for others. Today was no exception. I went to a mall because one particular store was there, but forgot that another clothes store I sometimes buy from was there. I didn’t really intend trying anything on, but ended up walking out with two new tops. Both will be excellent for travelling – drip and dry, dress up and down. After that purchase, I was decisive for another of the December birthday “girls” in my life, and was able to go home feeling quite pleased with myself.

Another delight was a dinner out, taking our visitor to one of our two favourite local restaurants. It is excellent food and service, and we’re incredibly lucky to have it so nearby. The shared starters (salmon tartare, and pork rillette) were delicious. But the highlight of the meal is always the steak with blue cheese and leeks, the truffle fries, and the asparagus and broccolini. Still, the wine was good, and the sticky date pudding for dessert was indulgent, a bit naughty, and very yummy!


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