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A walk along the river

We decided to go for a walk before the predicted rain set in. The husband, the visitor, and I set off along the river, through the golf course the husband would have normally been playing at on a Friday morning. The track runs along a stopbank (levee) between holes in the course, but soon moves down through a park, and along the riverside. Flax plants lined the river, and it was exactly the right season for tui to feed off the flowers, so we saw them flitting in and out, dipping their beaks into the flowers, largely unbothered by us. Though I only had a phone for pics, when I needed my zoom lens.

After about 3 kms, the occasional drop of water started to turn into a more determined drizzle, so we turned and headed back, at a slightly faster pace than our outward journey. We made it to about 100 metres from the car before the heavens opened. We got wet, but it could have been much worse.


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