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Pohutukawa trees

After the rich food on Christmas Day, I knew I needed to walk some of it off. There was almost no wind, the sun was shining, and I headed out before it got too warm. The birds were singing and swooping and making their presence felt. And joy of joy, the pohutukawa are blooming. Not all of them – there are still a lot that are still to bloom, which is wonderful because it leaves me with a few more weeks to enjoy them. But they were out in force on my walk. I delighted in them as I saw them, and on the way back found myself counting the sheer numbers. There were 73 pohutukawa with red blooms on my walk and close environs. A strip of about 20 on one side of the playing field where I like to walk laps was stunningly red. I was reminded to change the header of A Separate Life with their seasonal blooms. They once reminded me of loss, but now they just make me happy.


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