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Every year, our supermarket chain runs a promotion over December and January. We spend our money there, collect stickers, and then walk away with our choice of their offerings. It makes entire sense to me, as it is the place we regularly shop anyway, they do a great wine promotion at the beginning of December where we often get bargains, and it is nice to get something back from spending money that we would have normally spent anyway.

The first year I remember joining in on the promotion, we collected some stackable vacuum plastic containers, which now hold various nuts and seeds and other things in my pantry. Each year since then we’ve collected something different: drinking glasses (one is sitting on my desk right now), kitchen knives (each time we redeemed a knife, I promptly cut myself, and there was a nationwide increase in claims for accidents as people did the same all over New Zealand), and last year, kitchenware (we got a grill pan and two baking dishes).

This year, the promotion was wine, cocktail, beer, and water glasses. I liked the shape of them, and we set about collecting stickers, first qualifying for two glasses, then two more., and two more. Then one day at the supermarket, the person in front of me asked if I was collecting them. She handed me about ten stickers she had just qualified for, and wished me a “Happy Christmas.” Then, as I was paying my bill and was handed my own stickers, another woman walked past me and handed me another handful of stickers, also wishing me a merry Christmas. Simple kindnesses that cost them nothing and delighted me. Thanks to them, I was able to round out our collection to eight glasses. Today we redeemed the final two, and drank from them at dinner. Delightful!


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