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Over the hill

Good friends live over the hill. So with the Husband contemplating golf, I took off on the drive over the Remutaka ranges to the Wairarapa. Again, we opted for a simple lunch at her place, and so I stopped at a French bakery to pick up some sweet treats on my way. I wore a floaty dress (not always an option in windy Wellington), the doors and windows were open, and I felt as if I was sitting out in the olive grove as we dined on a caprese salad (with the delicious addition of seasonal nectarines), home-cured smoked salmon, and a turmeric rice dish. And of course, we talked. There’s never a shortage of topics of conversation between us – family, politics, weather, travel, global events, interior design, the chickens and garden, etc etc. I left their place far later than intended, which is evidence of what a lovely time I had.


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