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The New Year

I often don’t feel that the new year begins on 1 January. That first day always feels as if it is the end of the old year, and it is still in the middle of our holiday break here in New Zealand, with at least one more public holiday (we have the 2nd off too) to go, and in reality, many more days of laziness and rest before it feels as if the year has begun again. Still, after New Year’s Day, and two days of socialising and relaxing and enjoying the days off, I actually felt as if I was ready for 2023 to start.

The way I kick it off is always to take down my Christmas tree. I put it up in early December this year, and even though we had been away for a week, I was unusually ready to see it go this year. I spent an afternoon taking it down (it is an artificial tree), and wrapping up all my ornaments up carefully until next time. There’s something satisfying about this, as I care for each decoration/ornament individually. I have favourites. But they’re almost all my favourites. I was grateful to have them. And just as grateful to put them safely away. Let 2023 begin!


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