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A Sunday walk

We decided to take a walk today, to get out of the house, take up time when we might otherwise focus on the fact that this was our first fasting day of the year, and make the most of the mild weather and lack of wind. So we headed off to a favourite track around the coast. We discovered we were not the only ones when we got to the crowded carpark. The drive there in itself, around the harbour, is a delight, seeing people enjoying walking and swimming and paddle-boarding and yachting out on this fine summery day. We hadn’t timed it perfectly – it was getting too close to midday by the time we left home – so we had to cover up with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen, and hope it was enough. But it wasn’t too hot, the breeze was cool enough to keep us from over-heating, and so in fact, the temperature was gorgeous.

The harbour was blue, the sky was clear, with just a few clouds dotted around. Lots of people were cycling down to the Pencarrow lighthouse on the same track, some speedily, others dawdling, others cruising on their e-bikes, some towing children, biking alongside them encouragingly. We weren’t going to make it that far though (neither were the littlest kids), but we felt particularly noble in partaking in this exercise, especially when we were shocked to see a tour bus drive past us, on what is usually a no-vehicle road. There were two cruise ships at the wharves, which explained the tour bus. The sign at the front of the bus proclaimed “Storm Coast Drive.” The driftwood, and huge rocks acting as a barrier against high seas, were evidence that this is indeed a stormy coast. Usually. Just not today. We were fine with that.


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