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A new hair style

I haven’t had my hair cut since July (I think) last year. I meant to get it trimmed in November, but got vertigo, during which it is recommended not to put your head in a hairdressers’ washbasin, then visitors and the December rush (the hardest month of the year to get a hair appointment) and a trip up north meant that I had to wait until the new year and the return of my hairdresser, and by January I’d kind of got used to having these longer locks.

But long hair is hot and sticky, and after a lifetime of short hair, I can’t bear it around my neck. So I looked online for some simple hairstyles with my hair up. It’s not long enough for some of the more glamorous looking updos, but I decided to try on very simple and easy one, a twist on something I had already been doing. It is perfect. I’m used to having very short hair, so the severity of pulling my hair back no longer bothers me (especially not with sunglasses and some dangly ear-rings), and this style lifts the weight of my hair off my neck. And I can do it straight after a shower, in about five seconds, without the need to style or straighten my hair. I’m so happy! Who knows when I’ll be bothered to get my hair cut now?


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