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Just a beautiful day

It was just a beautiful day today, with nothing urgent to do except read a book that is due back at the library soon. So I made some iced herbal tea, swept the deck, outdoor table and chairs that sit under the pine trees, and put up the large shade umbrella. It took some time to set up, but I found a spot in the shade (very important for this sun-averse skin-cancer-conscious kiwi) and settled in with a glass full of lime water, a speaker streaming mellow music, and my iPad with my book. We get plenty of sunny days in Wellington. What we don’t always get (but have had an abundance of so far this year) are warm days with little wind allowing me to sit outside. There was, however, enough of a breeze to keep me cool, and I sat there for a pleasant hour or so, enjoying the book, the music, and the view of my garden and the valley beyond. Bliss.


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