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Flower Photography

Another beautiful day reminded me that I had a new macro extender for my camera. I bought one some years ago, but it never worked properly, as it wouldn’t always lock in properly. I’d bought it cheap from a supplier in the South Island. However, on a trip in 2021, I’d had to go to that supplier to buy a battery charger (having stupidly picked up the wrong one when I was packing), and mentioned the issues I’d had with the old extenders. He very kindly swapped it for a new one, and I’d forgotten to try it out. Yes, for almost two years!

I’d noticed recently that our fuchsia plant was in full bloom, and took out my camera to play. Then I remembered the extender, and played with that too. Unfortunately (because it was cheap) it doesn’t focus automatically, so I had to rely on my not-always-reliable eyesight, and not-always-steady hands. So my favourite shot was with my regular camera and good flower-shooting lens. But I had fun, and that’s the main thing.


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