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Movie, lunch, friend

Have had a lovely day today with a friend. She drove from over the hill, and we met for a movie. I had heard of the movie Tar, about a conductor and starring Cate Blanchett, and immediately thought of seeing it with her. She’s musical, and like me was very musical at school. I almost backed out when I saw the trailer, which I thought was not appealing at all, but I’m so glad I went and saw it. I’m also very glad I didn’t take my husband – he is too! – because he wouldn’t have understood the orchestral, classical music references, and would have hated it. If you love classical music, go see it! It was fabulous. And there was so much food for thought too, surprisingly relevant in terms of “me too” and “cancel culture” issues.

We followed up with lunch at a local Italian deli, one of the few authentic Italian places we have. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, great conversation, and the linguine alla vongole took me back to Puglia, and a lunch next to a marina in Trani.


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