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The Husband and I were watching the last season of Doc Martin, a gentle British series about a GP in a picturesque seaside town. The storyline is always supplemented with a new patient and/or condition each episode. A man had been having hallucinations. The Doc diagnosed them as resulting from deteriorating eyesight, with his brain trying to make sense of what it sees or not, and inventing things (for eg, the sight of his recently deceased wife). We looked at each other. O.M.G.

My father-in-law (FIL) experienced these hallucinations, much to his distress, as he thought was going crazy. The Husband researched it. This condition is particularly common for those who develop macular degeneration, which was gradually taking the eyesight of my FIL. If only we could have explained this to him. That made us sad. But understanding why it had happened and being able to share it with the other family members was definitely a comfort to us.


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