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Today is our wedding anniversary. Many many years ago, I walked down the aisle, and we were married. As we usually do, we went out for dinner. This time we tried a new restaurant, but it was a hot day, the restaurant (along with the city) wasn’t used to temperatures like this, and it felt as if we were in a sauna! Still, the food was delicious, we enjoyed our time out together, we reminisced a little about our wedding and the things we’ve done in the intervening years, and we were pleased to find a new (for us) restaurant that we like. We will definitely return – but in the winter, not when it is warm and humid outside!

An added bonus was being wished a Happy Anniversary by my sister and sister-in-law. I had casually mentioned it earlier in the week to my SIL (she had asked if I had an occasion to wear my new jewellery), and she remembered. (We didn’t know her when we got married, so she never remembers.) And my sister remembered and congratulated us. I seriously think it is the first time in a long time that anyone other than our parents (all now departed) remembered our special day. It felt good!


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