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Beautiful reporting

There is a news reporter I have often admired. Lisette Reymer reports for NewsHub, what used to be known as TV3 – the news broadcast that we’ve watched pretty religiously since they began in competition with the established state-owned company 30 years ago. The quality of their reporting has generally been excellent, and consistently rated highly. I like the idea that they keep our state broadcaster honest, and I like seeing intelligent people doing good work.

Lisette is a Kiwi, based in London to report on European events. She has reported frequently on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with some very emotive reports on the ground. She brings me to tears regularly – she has a kind voice, and writes eloquently, unlike the more perfunctory language used in most news reports. Tonight, her words once again brought tears to my eyes. She was reporting on the earthquake in Turkey/Syria. She had video of a reporter when the second large quake hit. “A journalist traded words for actions, and it was easy to see which spoke louder, ” she said, as we saw him race to help people in danger. We watched the reaction of people as they found someone alive, as she noted the joy of “finding breath amongst the breathless.”

The events she reports on are crises, and horrific. Her language and compassion is a delight.


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