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Feeling lucky

Wellington, where I live, has not immune from disasters. We sit on a major faultline, and we have seen buildings damaged and condemned by earthquakes. Every time I drive into the city, just down the road from here, I wait at works being done to repair major slips from a very rainy weekend some time ago. And the earth shakes. Regularly. It shook tonight, the house moving quite noticeably in two major jolts, and then it shook for a long time afterwards. It is now recorded as a 6.0, which is not an insignificant earthquake. All I could think during the shaking was, “not now!” And I think that was on everyone’s mind. Our new Prime Minister reportedly said, “what’s next? Locusts?”

Because there is a disaster further north, thanks to Cyclone Gabrielle. Towns and rural land completely flooded. Bridges and roads washed out. People have died. Livelihoods have been destroyed. Fruit and vegetable crops ready to harvest ruined at a time when their prices are already at record highs. Grapes almost ready to pick gone. The people there need our attention and resources. So tonight, now that my heart rate is back to normal, all I can be is grateful that it wasn’t worse.

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