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I’m glad this blog is meant to celebrate the little things in life, because so often my life is just full of little things, with nothing big or exciting happening. I guess that’s the same for most of us at most of the time. So when a trip to my favourite food shopping store – a specialist store used by restaurants for all their supplies, bulk food, and fresh food – is the highlight of my day, I’m sure you understand. There’s so much at this store though – I always (always) spend more than I mean to, always pick up something I didn’t quite expect (whether it’s food, or a sauce I’ve been looking for, or a miscellaneous kitchen gadget that seems utterly essential at the time), and love the fresh OJ station. I don’t go too often, because I’d spend too much. And I try to avoid their fabulous bread section, and the amazing cakes and slices and goodies they have collected from a range of bakeries around the city. Though avoidance isn’t always achieved! But that’s usually a delight in itself!


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