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Another movie!

It’s Oscar season, and so all the movies are out. A friend made the trip over the hill to go see After Sun, because we had heard it was an excellent movie. I knew too that it was not a movie my husband would want to see with me. Monday morning is an unusual time to go to a movie, but there are definite advantages to this timing. It was cheap. There were hardly any others there. It got the week off to a great start. And it was an excellent, if heart-rending, movie that will take a while to digest.


2 Replies to “Another movie!”

  1. I have not seen it — have not been in a theatre since the pandemic began — but I have heard it’s really good! I am rooting for Paul Mescal at the Oscars. I thought he was just phenomenal in “Normal People”!


    1. Yes, he’s excellent – though he plays a similar, repressed kind of personality. I wanted Colin Farrell to win, but figured it would be Brendan Fraser or the Elvis guy. (I haven’t seen either of those movies, so can’t compare.)


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