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A new local cafe

I’ve bemoaned – here and on A Separate Life – the closing of our favourite local restaurant of twenty years. It has been replaced by a new, daytime only, café. That has made me a little sad for the two other local daytime only cafés on the same little street, in the same little suburban village. Will the extra competition threaten their existence? I feel loyalty to them, especially the patisserie with the great scones and slices and friendly owners. But the new café opened, and a friend and I decided it was time to check it out. Along with the rest of the population of our suburb! The food was delicious, though it was a pity about the hair (x3) I found in my food. The owner refunded my meal, but not without some prompting, and I’m not rushing back. It’s a bit more upmarket than our other offerings – in food style and price. That will appeal to some of the snobbier members of the area. For me, the jury is still out. But regardless, it was delightful that I got to have a fun lunch with a good friend.


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