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Making repairs

I have a favourite travel bag. It has lots of zips and pockets for passports, money, phone, and many other necessities of travel, and has a long strap so I can wear it across my body and have my hands free. It’s black, and looks okay. Practical but not very stylish, in New Zealand it operates as my camera bag, but when travelling internationally, it often does double time as both a go-everywhere hand bag and a camera bag. I want to use it again this year, but I was horrified to see that all the zips had started to rust and seize up. Online videos and a spray bottle of white vinegar came to the rescue, and by the end of the operation, the zips looked (almost) as good as new, and were running smoothly. That’s a few hundred dollars saved, which has to count as a delight. They might help me get a small handbag I can pop inside it. Two delights!


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