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A free day

No obligations, golf had been the day before, and it was a free day! So the Husband and I did some chores, he dropped me at a shop I wanted to see and he went off to some he wanted to visit. and after a satisfying hour or two without each other, and a delicious coffee and double chocolate truffle (comes with the coffee), we met up again to have lunch. Today we chose Japanese, some katsu chicken on salad and rice, which we get from a little hole-in-the-wall place and take away to eat on the beach. Well, more accurately, we ate it in the car, because the wind was so strong that even the seagulls were grounded, and the waves coming from the south were flattened by the northerly. The clouds were dramatically chasing each other across the sky, the sea was blue, the ferries were coming and going, and the grounded seagulls lined up outside our car, looking at us hopefully, dreaming of scraps.


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