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A 200 Post Hiatus

I started this blog thinking it would be nice to focus on things that delight me, and to feel gratitude for them. Most of the time I can do that. But maintaining a daily blog can start to become a chore. And I’m losing the delight in Daily Delights. So I’m taking a break. It might be for a week, for a month, for three months or even six months, or it might be for longer. If you’d like to know when I’ll be back, click Follow and you’ll be notified of my next post, whenever it might be.

I’ve written 200 posts already, and would like to get to 365, so at this stage I intend to come back. This is the first time in the 16 years I’ve been blogging that I haven’t finished a blogging challenge I have set myself, so I’d like to try and keep that record. I’ll keep recognising the delights in my daily life, and will probably post about them periodically on A Separate Life. I hope you will celebrate the daily delights in your life too.


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