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I may not be working, but there’s still something lovely about a Friday afternoon/evening. I’ve often been out during the day doing chores, or perhaps going to an art gallery, or simply having a coffee somewhere nice. As the light changes, and the evening draws near, I think of all the people leaving work, coming home, and relaxing. Because we don’t need to push all our leisure activities into the weekend, we often don’t do much on a Saturday or Sunday, avoiding crowded places even before the pandemic. But still the allure of a relaxed Friday night remains. That glass of wine, and maybe a later than usual night watching something together, is simply a delight.


One Reply to “Friday”

  1. Yes!! I love doing my housecleaning on Friday morning and feeling like everything is clean & tidy, and I can just relax on the weekend… versus when we were working, and we spent a good chunk of our Friday evenings & Saturdays doing laundry, cleaning and yardwork!

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