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Pierced ears

I’ve had pierced ears since I was 16. But kids these days often seem to get them pierced younger, and I had earlier asked my sister if my 14-year-old niece had them done. “No,” was the response. “But she wants to!” So, the Christmas present was decided. I waited till the sleepy teenager had woken up, then asked her what she thought about pierced ears? “I don’t have them,” she said, “but I want to!” (My sister knows her daughter! lol)

“Want to go to the Mall and get them done as your Christmas present?” I asked. “Really?” the delighted look on her face. “Now?”

So after the teenager had two outfit changes and finally was ready to go, and after we had the required sushi lunch, I signed the permission slip in the shop, the teenager chose a sparkly stud, and the technician made two quick needle holes in the niece’s ears. Her ears sparkled, only slightly brighter than her smile. I feel as if I won “aunting” today!


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