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Eyesight care and quick decisions

It was time to get my eyes checked again. I am pretty good about it, getting a check up every two years or so. And especially since I have seen some elderly people struggle with their deteriorating eyesight health and looming blindness. I’ve seen the inevitable eyesight changes that come with age, and have worn progressive lenses for a long time now. Even my sunglasses are prescription, and have progressive lenses (which means I can see the small details on my camera when taking long distance shots, and I can read menus if I am outside in the sun) – not cheap, but definitely worthwhile. The last time I got my eyes checked my prescription had changed a little, but not enough for the expense of new glasses. This time they’d changed a bit more, and some of the issues I have been having should be improved by new lenses.

So, ouch, that’s a four figure bill. But it’s been six years since I got new frames and lenses, and considering I don’t wear anything else day after day (except my watch), I think I can justify new frames. The last two times I looked for new frames, it took me forever to find something that would suit, and even then, I felt as if I had compromised. Today, however, the first pair I picked up looked good on me, and I then found several that would suit, and settled on one based on a) the feeling of “that looks right”, b) out of a choice of three, the young woman in the store liked best, and c) the Husband approved. They were also about $400 cheaper than that first pair – that made me look like an owl, according to the ever tactful Husband! (Though a very stylish owl, I might add!) Anyway, I ordered them there and then, the quickest decision about frames that I’ve ever made, since my first pair back in 1989! I really hope I’ll still like them when I get them and put them on in a week or two!

Oh, and they said my eyes looked extremely healthy. Yay.


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